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The Diamond Group provides dynamic office solutions to ensure that your business can operate as efficiently as possible.

Diamond Group are based on the Team Valley in Gateshead and this year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary. Back in 1992 the business started by repairing photocopiers. Through acquisitions we've expanded into IT and Telecoms to provide multiple business services for our clients here across the North East.

Typically, we get invited in by companies like yours who are concerned that they are spending too much money on managed services and feel annoyed at having multiple bills and providers for their business. We have helped our clients to consolidate these services onto one bill whilst providing extensive cost savings. Depending on the business this could be for leased lines, VoIP, hosted voice systems, telephone lines, mobiles, printers, multi-function photocopiers, plotters, IT Support including cloud servers, backup, security and supply of your IT hardware.

We start by doing a free telecoms, IT and Photocopier site audit. After the audit, we sit down with you and look at where best you can start to save money.

Get in touch today on 0191 5193700 or email us at sales@diamond-group.net to see how we can help your business. Or you can follow us on Social Media and discover more about what we do for companies like yours.