Cloud Computing

Put simply, cloud computing is computing based on the internet. It allows you to access all of your information remotely from any location and cuts the need for your business to purchase expensive hardware such as servers and firewalls.

Advantages of our cloud services

  • Cost efficient maintenance and upgrading
  • Typically PAYG, minimal start-up costs
  • Scalability
  • Almost unlimited storage
  • Make back-up and recovery much simpler than other more traditional methods of data storage
  • Automatic software integration
  • Easy access to information - You can access your information from anywhere that has internet
  • Quick deployment - Your entire system can be fully functional in a matter of a few minutes
  • Automatic software updates - Cloud computing does server maintenance and security updates themselves, saving you time
  • Environmentally friendly with less carbon emissions than using on site servers

What is Hosted exchange?

Hosted exchange is an email, calendar and contact solution that allows your business to communicate securely, efficiently and effectively. It works via the cloud and means that through one single exchange your entire business can be in constant sync whilst working from the same singular platform.

Why Hosted Exchange?

Upgrading or moving can be a daunting task no matter what you're moving, but the move to Diamond Hosted Exchange is Simple, Risk Free, and Seamless. Our migration specialist will take you through every step allowing you to benefit immediately.

  • Save time and money on maintaining costly internal infrastructure
  • Work anywhere, anytime with online web access allowing you to send and receive email anywhere with an internet connection
  • Be flexible and scale your subscription as you need it - only pay for what resources you need
  • Predict your spend efficiently, with our simple per user per month payment model you can budget your IT spend accordingly
  • All Exchange updates are done for you 
  • You have no energy costs for running a server with Exchange on
  • If emails ever go down the problem is sorted for you and not by you
  • Someone will always be available to create/remove email addresses for you on request
  • Your exchange is being hosted offsite meaning any damage done to equipment in your building due to events such as flooding will not affect your email system
  • Time is saved for your employees to be getting on with other productive things
  • You will save money on training or employing someone to run the system for you



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