Business Lines & Calls

Save money on lines and calls

Keeping costs down is a major task.  Diamond Communications are able to offer your business up to 50% savings on low cost telephone calls and huge reductions on telephone lines all on one bill. 

Cheaper Calls

Diamond Communications are able to offer your business up to 50% savings on low cost telephone calls and huge reductions on telephone lines all on one bill!

We are proud to ensure that our customers are saving as much money as possible whilst still providing a "tier one" service.


Keep it straightforward for your business and your customers by keeping all your existing telephone numbers and services together at no extra cost.

At the end of each month you will receive a simple, easy to understand invoice with a full breakdown of calls and services delivered to you by email or by post.  The choice is yours.

What is it?

In essence, Hosted Telephony is a modern day telephone solution for your business based around the internet that subsequently can provide many benefits to your business.

The are the main benefits for my business?

  • Save money – rather than invest in your own premise based phone system with large set up costs, your business can utilise a carrier-grade platform that provides a fully-resilient, secure, high quality voice service.
  • Flexibility -Not all business telephony users are the same. Some require support for multiple devices, voicemail or recording, while others may require contact centre capabilities. With cloud-based telephony you are in full control of what services are provisioned for each type of user, ensuring that you deliver the services that are required by your business, but not paying for the full breadth of services across all employees.
  • Extensions anywhere - Business telephony is then delivered into your business through Voice over IP (VoIP) delivered to IP phones on users’ desks, softphones on PC's or softphone Apps on smartphones. This provides ultimate flexibility as to where voice services are delivered, enabling extensions to be distributed across multiple offices, to home workers or remote employees using their mobile or laptops. What is more, as users are not tied to a physical extension, hot-desking and flexible working is fully supported and simple to deploy.
  • Pay-As-You-Use –Take advantage of our Pay-As-You-Use subscription model and avoid the need to upfront purchase equipment. Here you only pay for the number of users the business requires each month and for the capabilities that are required by each user. You have the ultimate flexibility to add and remove users and with the ability to deliver services to any location, and have the ability to change where services are delivered as often as needed.
  • Support – 24/7 support centre that monitors your hosted telephony platforms availability and quality of service.

Worried what happens if your internet were to cut off, even for a moment? No need, we install redundancy measures so that calls can be automatically rerouted to a number of your choice, so that in the unfortunate event a problem does occur you can stay in contact with your customers 24 hours a day.

If you want to know more information about how a hosted telephony solution could work with your business, please do not hesitate to call and an experienced member of our communications team will be more than happy to discuss it in more detail with you. Contact us on 0191 519 3700.

Telecoms fraud now costs UK businesses £1bn per year and is becoming the largest source of fraud across the UK.

How can fraud happen?

Criminals can hack into business phone systems and use the lines to ring premium phone numbers, leaving the business liable for the call charges. Attacks on unmonitored lines can cost thousands and unless prosecution and a conviction can be made, the business is left unprotected and potentially exposed to large costs.

Minimising the risk

Exceptional Call Reporting will report on calls on your lines, looking out for any strange calling patterns to premium rate numbers (particularly out of hours), or high levels of spend to known fraudulent destinations, for example Cuba, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe or Latvia.

If we detect any of these patterns we’ll notify you of the exceptional activity and as a first step, we can place an immediate block on outbound calls from the lines making these calls. Then, if we agree that fraudulent activity has indeed taken place, we’ll ask you to report the matter to the police for investigation and to obtain a crime reference number. We can offer help and support on the best way to do this.

You are probably already investing in the protection of your data and IT systems through firewalls and anti-virus software. It is equally important to now protect your telephone lines and voice systems from fraudulent attacks.  To find out more contact Diamond Telecoms